We’re very excited about our mural project, it looks great.

Our reveal party is on Friday 27th October at 4:30 

Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the new look for St Johns community Centre and the wonderful mural.
We’d also like to thank all the volunteers who came to help.

Thank you so much to everybody who submitted friends, family and loved ones to our Get On The Mural project! In the end we had nearly 70 submissions, and had to get these down to around just 7 or 8 people for our mural. Successful submissions have been contacted to confirm their success, and EVERYBODY who has been submitted will be made into a sticker which will be applied to our front fence, and their stories chronicled in a scrapbook which will remain at our Centre for people to look through any timeKeep an eye out on our building over the next two weeks for some very exciting work going on, and stay tuned for more updates!
Thank you all again!

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