Keystone Funders

The Virgin Money Foundation

The Virgin Money Foundation have kindly awarded us with a grant with which to revitalise our Community Property at Riversdale in Thetford.

The National Lottery Community Fund

The National Lottery has kindly awarded a Partnership Grant to deliver the Community Pathways Project over 4 years. The partners delivering this project are:

Neighbourly Community Fund

Have kindly provided Keystone with emergency funding for the Abbey Centre Community Fridge during the COVID-19 crisis.


Thetford Town Council

Thetford Town Council have kindly provided Keystone with: Emergency funding for COVID-19 support

Cynthia Della Hoy's Croxton Charity​

Also our special thanks to the Cynthia Della Hoy's Croxton Charity for kindly funding kitchen equipment at the Abbey Neighbourhood Centre.

breckland council logo

Breckland Council

Breckland Council support Keystone

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