About Keystone

Keystone  is a community resource charity working in the Thetford, Brandon and Mildenhall areas.

 Keystone supports and delivers a diverse range of projects and services responsive to the needs of the local community.

Keystone was created as a Development  Trust in April 2003, evolving from its predecessor, the Keystone Community Partnership. As a charitable trust, Keystone aims to build community capital in its area. Empowering individuals, groups and communities to tackle needs and issues by creating their own solutions, organisations or enterprises, whilst ensuring services, assets and enterprises anchor collective wealth locally.

Since its inception Keystone has delivered support to communities within its area through a diverse range of projects.

Keystone is currently able to offer expert advice and support to local groups and organisations, affordable space to enable local groups to launch or expand their front-line services; and to share knowledge with other organisations to enable better collaborative working and reduced duplication and greater impact for people within our community.

We have achieved much of this already, with projects such as:

• The Annexe at Riversdale rough sleepers’ facility

• The Community Fridge at Abbey Neighbourhood Centre

• COVID-19 support service for the most vulnerable people in the Community

• Enabling local parents to launch a Youth Group with our expertise alongside them

• Partnership working with ACCESSGYROS, the Charles Burrell Centre, the The Benjamin FoundationBreckland Council and Thetford Town Council, to name but a few.

• Management of four community centres; The Riversdale Centre, the Abbey Neighbourhood Centre, the Brandon Centre, and St John’s Community Centre in Mildenhall.

Keystone is supported to manage and deliver its projects by a team of dedicated staff and volunteers. Keystone’s Board of Trustees oversees the objectives of the organisation.

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