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Attached is our new publication on work. It is part of a wider research process. Feedback and examples of local interventions; in particular with those ‘furthest from the job market’ and involving the third sector would be welcomed.

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The Big Society Challenge

The Big Society Challenge brings together arange of authors to explore the issues surrounding the Big Society. It is part of The Keystone Development Trust Publications series aimed at understanding issues in challenging policy areas that have a direct impact on communities and promoting dialogue amongst practitioners, policy makers and academics. Keystone Publications are intended to be thought provoking interventions in policy debates, as well as reportingon primary research. The publications are co-authored by academics and practitioners, often with the support of volunteer researchers and editorial assistants.

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New Report on European Migrants and Health

Migration is a key issue in the UK, with European migrants in particular bringing much needed labour to many regions including the East of England.

Extensive work has been undertaken through Keystone/META (Mobile Europeans Taking Action) to better understand the needs of migrant workers arriving in the area. We are beginning to know and understand more about migrant workers’ use of other public services, such as housing. However we still know very little either about their health needs, concerns and issues or the potential impact of new arrivals on local service provision.

Workers on the Move 3: European Migrant Workers and Health in the UK aims to further develop our understanding of the health needs of migrant workers living in Thetford and the surrounding area, as well as their experiences and perceptions of local health services. We also consider migrant workers’ uptake of and attitudes towards health promotion activities (both at home and in the UK) and examine the relevance of local health projects for this group, as well as exploring alternative ways of reaching these new communities.

We would appreciate it if you would share the report with your colleagues The report is freely available in PDF format here on our website.

The report has been written by Alex Collis, Neil Stott and Danielle Ross.