The Keystone Development Trust’s META (Mobile Europeans Taking Action) team is currently collaborating on the Breckland Advice Project, which aims to explore innovative ways to transform the delivery of social welfare advice in Breckland.  Breckland is one of the largest rural districts in England, its sheer size and spread of the district has a major impact on service delivery and presents significant challenges for advice organisations that are delivering advice in the area in terms of access and engagement.

meetingpictureDebt, benefits and employment are just some of the issues META advisers are helping people with at two new advice hubs set up at Thetford and Dereham Citizens’ Advice Bureau as part of a successful partnership between local advice agencies

The Breckland Advice lottery funded project has brought together partner advice agencies under one roof to share expertise.  More people can now access specialist advice sessions on debt, benefits and employment and META’s bi-lingual advisers are on hand to help the migrant community access information and advice at both hubs.

To help more people access the specialist advice and preventative support they need, Keystone has been commissioned to undertake a research study to identify existing advice available, gaps in provision and barriers to accessing advice such as language and digital exclusion.  The information collected by the study will inform future advice delivery in Breckland.


The project is funded by:

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